Seeing spots

Not sure yet how I feel about resolutions for the new year…to dream again and catch up on unfinished projects.  When cleaning out my sewing room, I ran across a quilt top that was almost finished.  I am sewing little dots of fabric all over to cover the points that didn’t quite match up.  This was a block exchange…we all sew our seams differently and some were more and some less than the quarter inch.  I am liking this one so far…can’t wait to get more of my “resolution” tops finished and to the quilter.  Will try to post when finished.

About Patti

Fabric designs are amazing. They are like paint, but with details. I sort of have a thing for repetitive design. My favorite part of making quilts is the selection of fabrics. Every city I have lived in...people compliment me on my fabric choices. I have taught classes on this aspect and won a number of awards for my quilts. It is my desire to come alongside quilters who are shy about fabric selection and help teach them to look at things differently so as to become more confident in their own choices.
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6 Responses to Seeing spots

  1. Stacey says:

    Love it.

    • Patti says:

      Thanks, Stace…I am sure you have seen this many times before. I plan to actually finish it. Really.

      • Stacey says:

        Yeah, I remember us deciding on the dots back when you lived here. And as if you need to talk to me about procrastinating on a project. I’m queen of that territory.

        • Patti says:

          I really am focused lately on getting things done. Finished the last of 4 lap sized quilts…binding completed. But…now for labels…the part I dislike…that is, till last night I was given two very old quilts in good condition and my mother had no idea which family member made them. I can see why we should label.

  2. lisa swinney says:

    That’s a very clever idea. I have several Bee quilts from my grandma that are different seam allowances now that i quilt i noticed. It’s a very pretty quilt. I have several “UFO’s”

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