Humor…as therapy

Humor invigorates me.  I can’t imagine what possessed this man to dress up as a side of bacon.  Can you?  And we are proud of our clown costumes.  For shame.  Every time I laugh at photos such as this…I can feel some sort of healing going on inside me, some sort of inspiration to continue on with my own projects, and an appreciation for people who just go out there and do this sort of thing!

About Patti

Fabric designs are amazing. They are like paint, but with details. I sort of have a thing for repetitive design. My favorite part of making quilts is the selection of fabrics. Every city I have lived in...people compliment me on my fabric choices. I have taught classes on this aspect and won a number of awards for my quilts. It is my desire to come alongside quilters who are shy about fabric selection and help teach them to look at things differently so as to become more confident in their own choices.
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